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forex trading is about capturing pips to make money from the market moves
forex trading chart screen with indicators and price action understanding.

Forex Trading

  • What is forex trading?
  • How to trade forex?
  • Is forex trading profitable?
  • What is a pip?
Options trading means buying call and put options to make money

Options Trading

  • What is options trading?
  • How to trade options?
  • Is options trading profitable?
  • Is binary option a scam?
bitcoin litecoin and etherium to make money.

Crypto Trading

  • What are cryptocurrencies?
  • How to trade crypto?
  • Is crypto trading profitable?
  • Where to trade crypto?
Trading is a process that involves constant monitoring of price action and indicators

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Global Forex, Crypto & options trading

Universal Technical analysis & Price Action Setups

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A trader is not just limited to a single trading setup, asset class or trading methodology. Learn to adapt to diverse market conditions and scenarios with us to build a sustainable green trading portfolio in the long run!

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Economic News

Stay up-to date on the latest economical news affecting your trading positions.

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Trading Mindset

Understand what it takes to build a mental strong hold as a trader.

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Crypto News

Stay up-to date on the latest crypto news affecting your positions.

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Trading Setups

Try your hands on our verified and curated ready to trade technical setups.

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Geo-Political News

Stay up-to date on the latest geo-political news affecting your trading positions.

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Profit Calculator

Learn how to calculate your exposure in the market for your positions.

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